Below are the functions which don't have access to the web service you created. This is due to :
Function is not added to the web service
Authorised user don't have enough capabilities i.e he is not admin
Edwiser Moodle extensions are not installed or have the lower version
core_user_update_users , enrol_manual_enrol_users , enrol_manual_unenrol_users , core_cohort_add_cohort_members , core_cohort_create_cohorts , core_role_assign_roles , core_role_unassign_roles , core_cohort_delete_cohort_members , core_cohort_get_cohorts , eb_delete_cohort , wdm_sso_verify_token
: to know more about this error

To fix this error, check the following:

Install the latest version of Edwiser Bridge moodle plugin on your Moodle site
Add all functions in the web service as per the plugin documentation