Please follow the instructions given below to download and install the latest version of the theme file from our website.

1) Login to Edwiser

2) Head to “My account" page

3) On 'MY PURCHASES' tab, click on the information icon for the relevant purchase.

4) Scroll down to find the links for the relevant download.

How to choose the right files

If you are using Moodle version 3.3 please download Edwiser RemUI version 3.3.9.

The format will be as follows,

Moodle version 3.4.x = Edwiser RemUI version 3.4.10
Moodle version 3.5.x = Edwiser RemUI version 3.5.11
Moodle version 3.6.x = Edwiser RemUI version 3.6.7
Moodle version 3.7.x = Edwiser RemUI version 3.7.6
Moodle version 3.8.x = Edwiser RemUI version 3.8.0

Once you download Edwiser RemUI version 3.4.x or version 3.5.x or version 3.6.x or version 3.7.x you have to extract the main zip file.

(Edwiser RemUI 3.4.x contains three files; one is Edwiser RemUI theme file, second is Edwiser RemUI Block plugin and third is Edwiser RemUI Course Format plugin.)

(Edwiser RemUI 3.5.x or Edwiser RemUI 3.6.x or Edwiser RemUI 3.7.x contains four files; one is Edwiser RemUI theme file, second is Edwiser RemUI Block plugin, third is Edwiser RemUI Homepage builder plugin and fourth is Edwiser RemUI Course Format plugin.)

Follow the steps mentioned below to setup Edwiser RemUI theme file.

Once you download the Edwiser RemUI (as per the suitable Moodle version), follow the below steps to install the theme on your Moodle site:

1) Log in to your Moodle site as an admin and go to Administration → Site administration→ Plugins→ Install plugins.
2) Upload the ZIP file. You could be prompted to add extra details (in the ‘Show more‘ section) if your plugin is not automatically detected.
3) If your target directory is not writable, you should see a warning message.
4) Check the plugin validation report, to verify if the theme has been successfully installed.

Note: You have to install all the files available in the Main zip file to unlock all the features available in the theme.
It is mandatory to update the theme file first and then update the rest of the files on your end.

If you are installing the plugins using FTP then the extracted zip folder should be copy pasted to these locations.

Edwiser RemUI theme will go to Moodle directory/theme/
Edwiser RemUI Block plugin will go to Moodle directory/blocks/
Edwiser RemUI Homepage builder plugin will go to Moodle directory/local/
Edwiser RemUI Course Format plugin will go to Moodle directory/course/format/

Note: You need to have an active license to download the latest available versions of the theme.